Maria J Garcia

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“Love is the only reality…it is the ultimate truth at the heart of creation.”

~ Rabindranath Tagore

The time for playing small is over. Your dissatisfaction, stress, and illness are a wake-up call from the heart. At first, it’s a gentle call, if unanswered, it can overwhelm you. You are being summoned to reclaim your authenticity, your power, your voice, it’s your inherent right…your destiny.

As human beings we carry a clear and comprehensive inner map for our life journey – it’s called “The Chakra /Energy System”. Each chakra holds the energy and consciousness to carry us safely through a specific stage of our human development.

Our mission is to reawaken awareness of this timeless wisdom and teach you to directly access its treasures – move beyond old wounds and stories to access your essential nature, creative power, and joy.

Are you ready to live your truth and shine your light?

And the day came when the risk to stay tight in a bud... Anias Nin

Journeys & Programs

Journey to Freedom Return home to your innermost self – to the heart of your being which holds the  seed of your authenticity – your truth.

Your Journey to Freedom

Discover the power and beauty of your energy/chakra system as a living map for the sacred human journey.

Move from your Root chakra – your foundation in life, to your Crown chakra – your connection to your life purpose and spirit. Uncover, heal and set free the powerful life energy that has been trapped there by negative life experience, and redirect that energy in service of your best life.



Conscious Manifestation

Master the spiritual technology of your creative life force with this illuminating downward journey through the chakras –

Remember your purpose, align with it and ignite the power to move through all the obstacles that have stood in your way.

Activate this step-by-step process of    conscious manifestation within you, and ensure the success of all your life endeavors.

Thrive! Personal Blueprint A customized program to meet your changing needs in a flexible 6-session commitment.

Thrive! Personal Blueprint


A customized program to meet your changing needs in a flexible 6-session commitment.

When you hone your ability to stay true to yourself, fully focused, and aligned with your intentions, nothing can keep you from accessing your fullest potential and creating your richest life.


 Host a Gathering,  Green Energetic Heart Chakra

June 24, 2024 at 7pm EST

“A Wake-Up Call From Your Heart”

~An Introduction~

“A Wake-Up Call From Your Heart” brings a new and uplifting perspective to our personal lives in the context of these extraordinary and challenging times.

It reveals how such challenges are meant to serve as a springboard for our personal empowerment and the collective healing of humanity.

Maria J Garcia, Portals of Grace

 Maria J Garcia

Transformational Guide  
Master Life & Professional Coach
Speaker ~ Author  


This has been my sacred journey for 30+ years.

“My passion for service to humanity is rooted in a powerful knowing that service is a universal calling, a fundamental human need, and that ignorance of this, leaves a gaping hole in our hearts. ~

My cup runneth over”

Maria J