“My passion for service to humanity is rooted in a powerful knowing that service to each other is a universal calling, a fundamental human need, and that ignorance of this, leaves a gaping hole in our hearts  ~ My cup runneth over”

Maria J

I was born in Spain, grew up in Buenos Aires and at 11, moved to the U.S. I share this because my early multi-cultural experience left an indelible mark in my heart and helped make me who I am.

The 70’s in NYC with its explosion of holistic and spiritual modalities, feminism and civil rights activism, had a powerful impact on me. It began when, motivated by the need to heal from a painful and debilitating condition, I came across Macrobiotics. Burgers and fries gave way to brown rice and adzuki beans, beer and wine to miso soup and bancha tea. After 6 months, pain-free and feeling stronger than I had ever felt, a series of serendipitous events led me to my first spiritual teacher, and a profound soul awakening.

Back to the beginning…as a child, the poverty and suffering I witnessed so close to home, awakened a deep love for those who suffered and a burning desire to help. My young heart did not know class or race distinctions, I felt an unspoken bond of love with all who suffered. As a young adult those yearning grew exponentially. I knew my personal awakening and service to humanity were inextricably linked, and I immersed myself in both.

Unaware of the fact that I was an empath, over time, the excitement and intensity of NYC that I had thrived on, became unbearable. I exchanged it for the peace and lush green hills of the Pennsylvania countryside, and a new chapter began. Not long after this, my husband, 3-year-old daughter and I made yet another move, this time just 15 minutes away to a beautiful residential yoga and holistic health center serving a worldwide community.

For 5 years on this sacred land, I served. I lived and breathed yogic principles and our mission – to create a residential village of like-minded souls dedicated to selfless service, first in my role as marketing director and then as executive director. It was the answer to my life-long calling.

And then…life changed…again. A shocking revelation brought us to our knees, as we learned of the long-term misuse of power and sexual abuse of community members by our beloved spiritual leader. We were stunned, confused, filled with grief, anger and a deep sense of betrayal.

With my dreams for our community shattered, while co-leading a healing gathering, I had a profound experience. In the midst of all that pain and chaos, I was lifted into an expanded state of consciousness. Through this expansive lens, I saw with absolute clarity that these circumstances were not unique to us. They were taking place all over the world in yoga communities, religious organizations, governments, businesses, towns, and families. Even the yoga tradition I loved and revered had been corrupted, polluted by the divisiveness and abuse of power inherent in the patriarchy.

I understood that the jarring public exposure of secrets, the revelation of the illusions we’d lived with, and the painful truths we’d been blind to, were the first steps in the dismantling of a patriarchal system that was obsolete and…finally… crumbling. These events were the necessary precursors to a powerful worldwide shift in consciousness that would usher in a new era, and then, I felt Her. Much more powerful than the chaos, the fear, the rage. Her presence deeply healing and fiercely loving. She quenched the longing in my heart and I finally remembered who I was, Her daughter. My Divine Mother was returning and She was unstopable. The Divine Mother and Father were reuniting and at long last a new era was beginning.

 “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Annais Nin

With this profound awareness, began a new chapter. I knew that nothing had escaped the influence of the patriarchy, including me. Clearly looking outward for the truth was not the answer, the only other option was looking in…so I did.

I delved into an exploration of my spirituality as a woman. I wanted to know what was possible outside the bounds of the patriarchy. What I discovered was my own true feminine nature, the divine feminine, whole, vibrant, untouched in spite of thousands of years of obscurity and repression. I was graced by the love, power, and wisdom of the Divine Mother and at last, I was home.

Not long after, an amazing book found its way to me, “Wheels of Life” by the brilliant author who was to become one of my most influential teachers, Anodea Judith. I was blown away as the book eloquently addressed my questions, even ones I had yet to formulate. Anodea revealed the Human Energy/Chakra System as a clear and comprehensive map for my personal evolutionary journey – a built-in, living manual for understanding and accessing my own true nature. I had been given the missing piece to the exquisite human puzzle, and the path ahead beckoned with possibilities.

Anodea’s next book “The Global Heart Awakens” took this awareness to a new level. Here she mapped the evolution of humanity from an archeological perspective and overlaid it with the stages of our personal development through the Chakra/energy system. It revealed that our personal evolution and our evolution as a race, followed the same trajectory, we were at the same stage, and both were poised for a historic leap.

I knew this leap required that the masculine and feminine principles that were so polarized in our patriarchal cultures, come into balance. As complementary opposites they were inextricably connected, two sides of the same coin, and only through their reunification could balance be restored, both in our human hearts and on our sweet Earth.

What I didn’t know was that we were personally and collectively completing our third/solar plexus chakra development, which explored the use and misuse of power, ego, and will, and beginning our fourth/heart chakra developmental stage. After thousands of years, We were finally evolving into the all-powerful, all-loving, all-inclusive realm of the heart!

Since then, many extraordinary teachers have graced me with their wisdom, yet Anodea’s work and my awakened connection to the creative feminine spirit, form my foundation.

For 30+ years I have worked as a transformational guide, life and professional coach, speaker, and workshop leader. I founded Sacred Centers East, a beautiful yoga and wellness center in Chester Springs, PA, that served the community for many years, until COVID changed all our lives.

Once again, a seeming tragedy brought expanded possibilities and Portals of Grace was born. This virtual entity allowed me to bring this message to a world-wide community, joining the powerful wave of transformation that is now touching every corner of the globe.

My personal experience and deepest knowing tell me that our dissatisfaction, stress, lack of energy and illness are a wake-up call from the heart. At first, it’s a gentle call, if unanswered, in time, it can overwhelm us. We are all being summoned to reclaim our authenticity, our power, our voice. It is essential to our personal and collective wellbeing, happiness, and success. It’s our destiny, and our contribution to the wellbeing of our families, communities, and our shared evolutionary journey.

My role is to stand in the sacred land of the heart, live my truth and be a bridge for others do the same. I serve our shared destiny by providing a clear and comprehensive map for the journey, and the guidance, support, knowledge, tools, and inspiration to ensure your safe arrival. The chakra system is our map, I am privileged to be a guide.

“Finally, a huge opening for me!  I’ve been on this journey for a long time and always knew one day the door I stood before would open, it’s always been little glimpses through a keyhole, never a complete vision of the other side…until now!  I am so excited about the next steps in this chakra program. I feel like I am finally home, and it is beautiful. So much Love and Gratitude to you and what you give Maria!” ~ P.W. Nurse

With Love and Grace,

Maria J