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My Truth

My Truth

I want a peaceful world, an abundant world. I want an end to hunger, poverty, violence. That may make me an idealist however my idealism doesn’t come from naivete, or lack of exposure to the harsh realities of our world. It comes from a knowing deep in my bones that this is our destiny. I began to sense this in my thirties and over the years I learned I was not alone. People all over the world were experiencing the same thing and they were talking, teaching, writing books about it.

I know that the only way to create peace, wellbeing, and abundance around me is to create it within me, in my own heart, my own life. Peace is personal. It’s a family affair and it’s a community affair. I know the way to create a peaceful, healthy, and an abundant world is for each of us to live peaceful, healthy, and abundant lives, which is good because this, is entirely in our hands, this we can do. We may need help, it requires energy and commitment, even courage, yet this, we can do

Too many of us are living half-lives, sacrificing our longings, our ability to thrive and our creative energy for something that masquerades as safety/security. Others of us lack confidence, we are too exhausted or ill to move beyond whatever wall we’ve hit. We’ve lost touch with our inherent self-worth, our inner knowing, our essence, our natural vitality, our authentic voice, our truth and our power.

We are at an evolutionary cusp in the history of humanity, and what will take us across the Rubicon is our willingness to transcend the archaic and stagnant systems that mire us in judgement, pettiness and most of all fear, and the pain and suffering it leaves in its wake.

The time for playing small is over. Our dissatisfaction, our confusion, our longings are symptoms of an unstoppable evolutionary force moving through us, a deep and powerful call from the heart, to remember ourselves as our deepest nature, our truth, and our unique voice as a precious note in the symphony of life. We are a gift to the world and when we choose to participate fully, with love in our hearts the world is made better for it ~ Are you ready to live your truth and shine your light?

“Nature never repeats herself, and the possibilities of one human soul
will never be found in another​”.   ~ Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Seen through the old lens, the world is coming apart at the seams. Seen through a true lens we’re standing on the threshold of a new era. I invite you to cross over that threshold and if you need a hand, I extend mine…