Conscious Manifestation Through the Portals of Grace

A Visionary & Empowering 6 Month Journey

Tree of Life, Yggdrasil

There is a popular saying that “what you don’t know won’t hurt you”. When it comes to creating the life you want, nothing could be further from the truth. As human beings we are inherently “creative”, not necessarily “artistic” – rather “creative” from “creator”. This creative “gene” is alive and fully functioning in all of us. It’s creating our reality  whether we are aware of it or not. It lives is in every cell and managed through our chakra system.

If you are human, creating is not an option. Your only choice is whether to create consciously, and steer the direction of your life, or unconsciously and unknowingly manifest your fears.

This program takes you on a downward journey through the chakras – the journey of consciously activating a step-by-step process of manifestation, which you can apply to all your life endeavors. It also provides the tools and ignites the power you need to move through any obstacles that you encounter along the way.

How You Will Benefit 

  • Learn to access the quantum field of infinite possibilities and recognize your gifts as powerful inner resources provided so you can fulfill your purpose.
  • Learn about co-creation, and how to align with the universal flow of life to bring about your greatest success with ease and grace.
  • Activate your inner vision and create a clear “picture” as the initial blueprint of what you want to manifest.
  • Learn how your beliefs impact your creative process. Identify the beliefs that on-goingly sabotage you and learn a powerful technology for dissolving these beliefs and replacing them with powerful new ones that align with your vision.
  • Begin to “see” your plan of action. Engage your creativity and the power of your voice, to communicate, clarify and make your vision more tangible and real.
  • Design and begin to execute a powerful step-by-step plan to manifest your dream.
  • Engage the exquisite power of the heart to magnetize the relationships and resources necessary to manifest your vision, bringing greater clarity and detail to your action plan.
  • Engage the full power of your solar plexus chakra to overcome all obstacles and effectively execute your action plan.
  • Access your emotional energy to rekindle your passion so you can persevere in your endeavors and joyfully cross the finish line.
  • Know “Bukhti”, utter contentment, as you celebrate the completion of the manifestation process and fully experience the miracle of your creation.

Program Structure And Duration

  • The process takes approximately 6 months.
  • The themes of chakras 7 – 1 are organized in 7 modules.
  • Each module has approximately 3 sessions. Some chakras may take longer than others, depending on where we encounter your resistance.

 Program Includes:

Individual Journeys:

  • 3 one-hour sessions for each for each chakra/module.

Group Journeys:

  • Session 1 ~ 1 ½ hour group session
  • Session 2 ~ 1 hr. individual session
  • Session 3 ~ 1 ½ hour group session
  • Session 4 ~ 1 – 1 ½ partner / group session with theme

 Both Journeys ~ For each session you will:

  • Receive a session recording (optional)
  • Read a section of the book Creating on Purpose by Anodea Judith and Lion Goodman.
  • Use worksheets and interactive exercises to discover your strengths, understand your weaknesses, identify your blocks, and clear your path to intentional manifestation.
  • Complete a brief online check-in (no more than 5 minutes) 24 hours before our session, to help focus you, and to better prepare us for our session.
  • Receive a personal, weekly home practice, to integrate and anchor the manifestation process in your day-to-day reality. As this process becomes organic, you move through life in a constant state of conscious co-creation.
  • Additional materials to support your journey.

What Participants Say…

“When I participated in your Manifestation series, you spoke of learning that you really can’t do it all on your own and that when you let go into the flow of life and turn to Spirit for help, miraculous things happen. This really stood out for me. I knew it was what I wanted but was clueless about how get there. Well, this evening it happened, something that I could never, ever have anticipated, let alone engineered.  I was so awed that all I could do was weep.

 I’ve expressed gratitude to you so many times that it’s almost redundant, but this is on an entirely new level. It feels like the fulfillment of that wish of all those years ago, and a truly life-altering experience.  I need a word bigger than ‘grateful’!!!”   QS

“I had a watershed experience this week I spontaneously had ‘the talk’ with my boss.  Every single thing I needed to communicate to her was said in a calm, kind, but unwavering way – totally expressing my truth without fear of reaction or rebuttal.  She listened.  I now feel that whatever happens with the job, I have finally taken a stand, drawn the line in the sand, and stated my terms for what I can give and what I cannot give, which has been very empowering. Thanks for being a midwife for this miracle!”  J.B.

 “Exploring the Manifestation process with Maria helped me grow exponentially in my personal and professional life. Using the chakra system as our structure, and bringing in the energy of the Divine Feminine, Maria made me aware of my limiting beliefs and guided me through a powerful transition.  I teach yoga to others in my own yoga studio now instead of working a stressful retail management job!  Maria is one of those rare coaches who makes you feel as though you are her only client. All her focus is on helping YOU to expand and ascend. 

 I am so honored and grateful to have her as my coach.”  K.T. 

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