Your Journey to Freedom Through the Portals of Grace

A Life-Changing 6 Month Journey

This program provides a sacred structure for your journey, and every aspect is designed to maximize your success. Each Portal reveals an intrinsic truth, reframes your reality accordingly, realigns you with your original divine blueprint and gives you access to its power.

From birth, our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual development is guided and fueled by our chakra system / Portals of Grace. It is also stalled and obscured by negative life experiences. There’s no better way to correct this, heal the wounds of the past and reclaim our health, power and potential, than by lovingly revisiting this journey as adults from higher ground.

With guidance, steadfast support and the vast intelligence and energy you’ll access as we clear, strengthen, and re-balance each chakra, you quite literally “transform” your life. As you move beyond the limitations and distortions you’ve embodied and “realign” with your true nature/your essence, life becomes a loving ally and powerful, co-creative partner rather than something you struggle with or endure.

How You Will Benefit 

  •  Discover what is at the root of vibrant health, and access the stability and ancient wisdom your body is meant to provide you with. Learn to ground and establish a solid foundation for all your life endeavors.
  •  Learn the true function of feelings as powerful messengers, that bring you the information and vital energy you require to successfully navigate the circumstances in your life. Access your passion as a source of joy and the fuel for your life-long success.
  •  Re-ignite the fire in your belly, turn obstacles into power-generating tools, reclaim your healthy ego and engage it to take decisive action in alignment with your truth and convictions.
  •  Awaken the formidable power of your heart and magnetize the resources, people and circumstances necessary to manifest your best life.
  •  Activate the creative power of your authentic voice. Access your truth, and speak with authority, clarity, and conviction in any situation so you can finally be heard.
  •  Rediscover the guiding vision that illumines your life path, and never feel lost again.
  •  Reconnect to the one true Source, your infinite wellspring of ongoing support and inspiration – the force behind your authentic voice and its transformative power in the world.

Program Structure

  • The process takes approximately 6 months, and is organized into 7 modules, one for each portal/chakra.
  • Each of the 7 modules has 3 sessions, except for chakra 7 which has 2 sessions. 

Program Includes:

Individual Journeys

  • 3 one-on-one breakthrough Coaching sessions (1 hr.) for each of chakras 1 through 6.
  • 2 sessions for chakra 7.

Group Journeys

  • Session 1 ~ 1 ½ hour group session
  • Session 2 ~ 1 hr. individual session
  • Session 3 ~ 1 ½ hour group session
  • Session 4 ~ 1 ½ group session just for participants

Both Journeys

  • 7 instructional videos with simple and powerful practices that help awaken and balance each of the 7 chakras.

For each session you will:

  • Complete a brief online check-in (no more than 5 minutes) the day before the session. This will help focus you, and better prepare us for our session.
  • Receive a session recording (optional).
  • Receive reading material & practices.
  • Complete a Questionnaire that will guide your process of self-inquiry and help you personalize the material you read.
  • Complete a “recap” after the session, to help reinforce your take-ways, and to help Maria see what has really “landed” for you.
  • Receive a personal, home practice to help you anchor your new insights and behaviors in your day-to-day life.
  • Additional materials to support your journey.

What Participants Say…

“Maria and her programs have been life changing. At a time when my life was in absolute upheaval, feeling lost, broken, and longing for answers, Maria’s coaching nurtured me through my divorce and several breast cancer diagnoses. Her guidance elevated my understanding of my life, my beliefs and myself, bringing agency to my inner voice and my ability to make clear and confident choices.

 Maria’s ability to hold you capable until you can hold yourself capable proved invaluable in my journey. Her devotion to this work is palpable and her knowledge and commitment are unsurpassed. It is through this experience that I came to an understanding of “how I want to be in this world”.  AN

“The chakra workshop series provided a comprehensive road map for my lifelong journey of self-discovery and personal growth.  I was given numerous signposts to guide my path, learned techniques to work through and eliminate roadblocks, and developed skills for avoiding dead-ends and minimizing detours.  I was given the keys to a Porsche so I can drive down the super- highway of life, traveling the fastest and most direct route to my ultimate destination of becoming my truest self and living my dream! Thanks again for your guidance, helping me navigate the land mines!”  J.B.

“Working with Maria through the seven chakras has been incredibly moving and revealing. I learned so much about myself, including recognizing behavioral patterns and beliefs about my life that I didn’t realize I was holding on to and that were holding me back. The experience was challenging and exciting, leading me to be more authentic with myself and identifying and following my passion. L. R.

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