Thrive! A Personal Blueprint to Your Richest Life

6 Sessions – One-On-One

Thrive - Portals of Grace with Maria J Garcia

“My Blessing is, ‘May your dreams not come true, because your expectations arise from a limited Perception of Life. May you live Beyond Your Dreams.”  Sadhguru

This renewable 6-week program is designed to help you “Live Beyond Your Dreams”. It is personalized to your needs and helps you stay true to yourself and aligned with your long-term mission and short-term intentions, as you access your full potential and create your richest life.

How You Will Benefit

  • A way to awaken and access ever-deepening levels of wisdom and power as you reassess, adjust, and create new goals.
  • The support, advanced tools and insight you need to clear blocks that were previously inaccessible. They have now surfaced because of your body’s growing ability to experience intense energies and your emerging capacity to access higher levels of consciousness.
  • The opportunity to safely explore previously unchartered potential, break through illusory boundaries and enter new paradigms ~ not as a stranger in a strange land, rather as a beloved traveler finally coming home.

What This Program Consists of

  • 6 one-hour one-on-one sessions scheduled as appropriate.
  • Online check-ins (no more than 5 minutes) 24 hours prior to sessions.
  • Personal home practices to facilitate forward movement.
  • Support materials

What Participants Say

“A truly life-altering experience. I feel so much gratitude for the brilliance of your work and the enormous strength of the container you create.”  QS

‘Thank you for a powerful, affirming session.  I always walk away in deep connection with my Spirit when our time together ends.  The rest of the day is lived in a light step, an attuned awareness and deep gratitude for my life. I am humbled but energized. Thank you.” PW

“Thank you, Maria for such a meaningful and profound session”. LR

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