Portals of Grace ~ A Way Home


Portals of Grace
~ A Way Home ~


​What Participants Say…

“Working with Maria J Garcia is truly THE best decision that I made for myself. The outcome of this work is FREEDOM. I am free to love myself and others, make decisions that serve my goals and aspirations, and to chart my own path while believing in the impossible. I am no longer sad, manipulative, or victimized. I am now confident, happy, bold, driven, and loving. I moved to a new city, where I am engaged in work that is fulfilling and purposeful. I have clarity about the direction of my life and my wants and needs. I am joyful on the inside and live in contentment.

I would not be living the full and free life of today if I had not spent time working with Maria. I am forever thankful for the guidance and love that Maria shared with me.” – L.R.S.

“Maria and her programs have been life changing. At a time when my life was in absolute upheaval, feeling lost, broken, and longing for answers. Maria’s coaching nurtured me through my divorce and several breast cancer diagnoses. Through her program, her earnest guidance elevated my understanding of my life, my beliefs and myself bringing agency to my inner voice and ability to make clear and confident choices.

Maria’s distinct ability to hold you capable until you can hold yourself capable proved invaluable in my journey. Her devotion to this work is palpable and her knowledge and commitment are unsurpassed. It is through this experience that I came to an understanding of “how I want to be in this world.” – AN

“Working with Maria through the seven chakras has been incredibly moving and revealing. I learned so much about myself, including recognizing behavioral patterns and beliefs about my life that I didn’t realize I was holding onto and were holding me back. The experience was challenging and exciting, leading me to be more authentic with myself and identifying and following my passion.” – L.R.

“A truly life-altering experience. I feel so much gratitude for the brilliance of your work and the enormous strength of the container you create.” – Q.S.

“The chakra workshop series provided a comprehensive road map for my lifelong journey of self-discovery and personal growth. I was given numerous signposts to guide my path, learned techniques to work through and eliminate roadblocks, and developed skills for avoiding dead-ends and minimizing detours. I was given the keys to a Porsche so I can drive down the superhighway of life, traveling the fastest and most direct route to my ultimate destination of becoming my truest self and living my dream!”. Thanks again for your guidance, helping me navigate the land mines!” – J.B.

“Maria’s teachings, guidance, and mentoring has, and continues to be invaluable to me. She has provided me a way forward as I continue to heal childhood trauma, and this has changed my life in every way. I have gained new perspectives, and with her guidance, have discovered ways to work through the trauma I experienced. I continue to learn how to understand past hurtful experiences, while letting go, how to be in relationship with others, while developing awareness of my relationship with myself and even more importantly, to discovering and living my authentic self. And honestly, so much more!

Maria is an amazing teacher, and her wisdom is vast. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking inner discovery and truth.” C.K.

“When I participated in your Manifestation series, one thing really stood out for me. You spoke of learning that you really can’t do it all on your own and that when you let go into the flow of life and invite/co-create with the universe/ Spirit for help, miraculous things happen.

I knew for sure that this was what I wanted – and needed – for myself. I longed for it but was clueless about how I would ever get there. Now I know! This evening brought about something that I could never, ever have anticipated, let alone engineered. I was so awed that all I could do was weep.

I’ve expressed gratitude to you so many times that it’s almost redundant, but this is on an entirely new and different level that goes beyond anything I would have believed could happen. It literally feels, not only to be the fulfillment of that wish of all those years ago, but a truly life-altering experience. I need a word bigger than ‘grateful’!!!” – Q.S.

“One of the things I immediately appreciated about Maria’s coaching was her discernment for “what’s so”. She was not attached to specific outcome but dedicated to understanding what was underneath. I am also impressed with the years and years Maria has spent honing her skills and developing her wisdom. I have great affection and respect for Maria and consider her a national treasure here in my own back yard!” – M.P.

“Finally, a huge opening for me! I’ve been on this journey for a long time and always knew one day the door I stood before would open, I just never knew when. Until now, it was always little glimpses through a keyhole, never a complete vision of the other side. I am so excited about the next steps in this program. I feel like I am finally home, and it is beautiful. So much Love and Gratitude to you and what you give Maria!” – P.W.

“Thank you Maria, I finally get it!!!!!! I am no longer a Victim but a Sacred Being. I can breathe again!”

“Maria’s coaching has been truly inspiring. She makes space for me at exactly the place that I am, allowing me to feel that whatever I am experiencing in the moment is an important and holy thing. To be with Maria is to feel no difference between the mundane and the divine. Thank you from my heart.” – J.C.

“This was one of the most enriching and empowering experiences of my life. I participated as myself, just myself, not someone’s mother, daughter, sister, or coworker. The most rewarding aspect was my new ability to look at my life and myself with objectivity and learn, learn, learn. I feel stronger, more grounded, and more self-confident. I am excited about my life and my future.” – K.T.

“Maria’s warm, deep, and powerful wisdom have helped establish within me deep and sturdy roots. These roots have given me the courage to walk down paths I had only dreamt about before. Maria’s ability to gently guide individuals and groups to the root of blockages, pain, and neglect is remarkable. Her coaching in the areas of family, relationship, career, community, and spirituality have allowed me to approach these areas with much more freedom. My life is much more joyous and balanced and my voice more sure as a result.” – J.M.

“Thank you, Maria. I am so excited about the chakra series. I feel like I am finally home, and it is beautiful. So much Love and Gratitude to you and what you give.”

“Exploring the chakra system with Maria helped me to ground and grow exponentially in my personal and professional life. Using this system as our structure, and bringing in the energy of the Divine Feminine, Maria made me aware of my limiting beliefs and guided me through a powerful transition. I teach yoga in my own yoga studio now instead of working a stressful retail management job! Maria is one of those rare coaches who makes you feel as though you are her only client. All her focus is on helping YOU to expand and ascend. I am so honored and grateful to have her as my coach.” – K.T.

“Maria’s Chakra Workshop Series has been one of the most personally rewarding experiences I have ever undertaken. It has given me insight into my belief system, my actions, my reactions and how I generally operate in the world. Understanding what is at the root of my non-productive behavior has enabled me to make better, clearer decisions. There is nothing to lose, except what you might not need anyway, and everything to gain by joining Maria in this chakra series.” – C.D.

“Maria’s dedication and commitment is unbelievable. The personal and emotional growth I experienced has brought me to a higher-level of satisfaction and contentment. Maria’s knowledge and expertise is unsurpassable. I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to be participate in her Chakra Workshop Series.” – J.L.

“This chakra series helped me find my strengths and weaknesses and bring them into better balance. Now, through greater understanding of myself, I can cope with what life throws at me and enjoy/appreciate life more.” – C.S.

“During this joyful journey, Maria’s wisdom, love, and intuitive guidance empowered me to reconnect with my true self in a safe, supportive, and healing environment, and led me to the deep transformation I experienced.” – P.F.

“My time with Maria, a nurturing guide, helped me to gain deep insights and motivated me to clear action. Knowing Maria’s support would be there was always a comfort. She has seen my expansion and is a clear part of it.” – B.R.

“I had a watershed experience this week I spontaneously had ‘the talk’ with my boss. Every single thing I needed to communicate to her was said in a calm, kind, but unwavering way – totally expressing my truth without fear of reaction or rebuttal. She listened. I now feel that whatever happens with the job, I have finally taken a stand, drawn the line in the sand, and stated my terms for what I can give and what I cannot give, which has been very empowering. SO – the throat chakra has opened a bit for me! And I’ve taken one more step out of self-betrayal. Thanks for being a midwife for this miracle!” – J.B.

“Thank you for a powerful, affirming session. I always walk away in deep connection with my Spirit when our time together ends. The rest of the day is lived in a light step, an attuned awareness and deep gratitude for my life. I am humbled but energized. Thank you.” – P.G.

“Maria, I have I had many teachers in my life. All of them presenting themselves at the right time. I know they all prepared me for this time in my life. Yet the valuable gifts and lessons that I am being given now are the strongest by far. It is the wisdom and light that I am learning from you which brings all the past ones together to prepare and strengthen me for the future. And in the end, I understand and know, that it is up to me to be open to the journey and walk with the lessons. It is how I will take all of the beautiful insights you have given me so I can move forward to remember and come to know Who I Am.” – P.W.